Aug 1, 2012

oOoh my Gucci!

salam all.. so sorry sbb lack of updates. biasa la kalau dekat dengan closing date mmg sangat lah BZ! sampai xsempat nak online etc..

this entry is to dedicate special THANKS to my mentor CDM Hanis for the surprise during SEminar at East coast :) Thank u so muchhhh for the lovely gift, i've been rewarded for my Double Diamond achievement last 2 months! dah lama dlm draft post psl ni, tp postponed sbb sebok psl Guangzhou last month ;)

in this business.. bukan takat diberi bimbingan from A to Z on how to be a successful entrepreneur! tapi been rewarded also for every single achievement we did! best kan? :) i am so lucky to be in Green Leaders Group Malaysia!! under the bestest Mentor CDM Hanis & CDM Naa!! i love u both laahh ;)

Here's my 1st Gucci from CDM Hanis! like it to the max! and smlm CDM Hanis baru je announce yang utk coming DDM Ogos akan dapat Chanel Brooch idaman ramai itewwww!! bestnyeee kan? so biz partners! apa tunggu lagi? cepat2 naik DDM ye darlings!

not forgotten Lovely present from mommy naa! sangat spacious n comeL sbb color PINK! ;) tq so muchhh CDM Naa!! starting from the 1st day i've started this business.. i've never walk alone, its always U walk by my side. alhamdulillah dijodohkan dengan 2 org hebat ini!

im blessed!


wanna be part of GLG team?

Syida 010-2261683

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